Fresh Goods: The Integrated Ski-Boot-Ski System

Back over Christmas, I was clearly aiming too low with my wish list of things that didn’t exist but I still wanted to find under the tree. While I was imagining hovercrafts, these folks were inventing something equally cool: The SkiBrogues, an alpine boot with a spring-loaded, fold-out ski.

The benefits are legion: It’s convenient. It’s time saving. When hiking a booter, you don’t have to mess with lashing skis to pack. And during aprés, you’re a couple inches taller. Yes, it’s true that it’s a little on the short side, so it’ll be better suited for Eurocarving, but still.

There are three models, ranging in cost from £395 for the fake leather upper, £695 for the real leather upper, and £995 for the leather and fur upper with carbon-fiber skis. Unfortunately, all models are currently sold out on the SkiBrogues website.

And that’s actually because SkiBrogues is fake. It’s actually a setup for Hertz to reach customers visiting skiing destinations. Too bad. Think how much you’d save in excess baggage charges.

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