After Sandy, New York Surfing Community Rallies to Rebuild

Surfers have moved to Rockaway Beach, New York, over the years. They came for the waves. They came for relatively affordable housing. But they didn’t count on Sandy.

Then, in the wake of an awful disaster, an amazing thing happened. The New York surf community, which has spring up all over over the region in the past decade, though mostly not on the beach, rallied to the rescue. Just days after the storm, Rockaway Beach Surf Club was on the scene, organizing volunteers and donations, ripping down moldy drywall, helping in every way and any way they can. In this pretty stunning short film about the devastation and about the surf scene, you get a window into both. It still doesn’t answer some nagging issues, such as whether they really should rebuild, but it does give you mad respect for the diehards of Rockaway.

For more on Beach 87th St./Surfing After Sandy, check out an interview with filmmakers (and brothers) Jesse Huffmand Lukas Huffman here.

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  • Dan

    I am currently working in Rockaway beach to rebuild after Sandy. We are working on homes from the middle of the Beach 60s to around Beach 101. amazing how damaged everything is and how much work is going on to rebuild. but this will take time. Glad the surfers are coming back

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