The List: 15 Things We’d Like To Find Under The Tree

What do you want this holiday season? No, what do you really want? OK, besides a date with Sasha DiGiulian

What do you want this holiday season? No, what do you really want? OK, besides a date with Sasha DiGiulian or Chris Sharma.

When you were a kid, you weren’t limited to shopping online or looking at mail catalogs, were you? You figured maybe Santa could bring you a pony. Maybe a little brother. Green Lantern’s ring, or Wonder Woman’s invisible plane.

The editors at AJ aren’t too old to dream like we were still seven years old. We thought about what we’d really like to find under the tree this year, if money were no object. And if reality were no object. Our picks:

iPhone app that finds uncrowded crags
Bolt gun a la Sylvester Stallone/Cliffhanger
Ice tools with handwarmer grips
Shark repellent surfboard
Invisible, breathable multi-sport helmet or Kevlar skull liner
Climbing rope with automatic detangler

10-pound Santa Cruz Tallboy LTc
Ski boots that weigh the same as flip-flops, with carbon custom shells and static-electricity heating insoles.
Dehydrated bourbon
Car-deflecting force field generator that mounts to bike saddle

Skis with automatic climbing skins that extend when you need them and retract inside the base when you don’t.
An avalanche air bag that surrounds you in a giant bubble.
Spray-on sticky rubber for barefoot running and climbing.
A snow desaturator to turn Sierra cement into Alta fluff
Personal hovercraft

And what about you? What do you want?

Brendan Leonard is a contributing editor to Adventure Journal. Follow him at his blog, Semi-Rad.
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  • Nate L

    Giant fans in the backcountry that will refill my favorite glade with fresh powder after each run; fresh tracks all day, even when someone else discovers the same stash.

    Enough money to tip my favorite ski/bike tuner so he’d never have to work again. (Ron, iRide – thanks dude).

    New knees.

  • Howard

    Skis with electronically adjustable rocker-camber profiles to adapt to the snow conditions.

    Plug-in hybrid all-wheel drive campervan with rooftop solar panels for trickle charging batteries while you’re out hiking/biking/climbing/skiing.

    Lightweight tent options for the tall.

  • Loonfeather

    A third lung and time to waste. May as well throw in an S-Works Epic Carbon 29er XRT (hint hint)

  • Kyle

    @Howard YES! This guy gets it. At 6’5, I’m stuck living life diagonally.

    How about the ability to not have to work and concentrate on racing mountain bikes?

    And Rapha everything.

  • Ken Ach

    Listen to Seth Sentry – Dear Science to find out where your personal hovercraft is.

  • Alpentalic

    As long as we are dreaming, my own ski area would be nice.

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