The Daily Pow, December 20, 2012

The top station on the Aiguille du Midi above Chamonix, France, is one of the more improbable structures in the world, clinging to the rock like some hulking giant badger. The tower at the tippy top, though, a couple hundred feet above the top station, is perfect — a needle atop the needle.

“Aiguille du Midi” means “needle of the south” or “needle of noon,” neither of which have the same ring in English as in French. The aiguille on the aiguille resembles nothing so much as the top of the Saturn V rockets that carried that Apollo astronauts into space, and how appropriate is that? In Chamonix, your eyes are almost always drawn skyward, where the needle is pointing.

Almost. But not always. Seth Morrison, dropping in.

Photo: Seth Morrison in Chamonix, France, by Christian Pondella.

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