The Daily Bike, December 18, 2012

Personally, having shot several hundred thousand photos in my career, I’ve come to realize that most photos aren’t worth 25 words, let alone 1,000. This one, however, says a whole lot more. In the interest of brevity, though, I’ll distill it down to one: yes.

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  • NonEpicRider

    So, who am I to know what’s really gone on in this photo, especially since the caption is terse and pithy, but I’m going to take exception to the ‘epicness’ depicted here. Weather notwithstanding, the rider is using fixster bullhorn handlebars and sports a nicely-appointed messenger bag. Who has ever gone on a serious ride equipped in such a manner? And if the rider did actually put in an epic ride, I’d venture that, so outfitted, she was ill-prepared.

    Hipster accoutrement. Meh.

  • Harth

    You make solid observations, NonEpicRIder, but I still take one look at that face and see those conditions, and it’s clear that woman just pushed her limits pretty well. Not for me to judge the gear or preparedness, as I have no idea what event this was, nor know the rider’s personality. She obviously pushed herself and I’ve got to appreciate that.


  • Chris

    She’s also has what looks like a map sheet on top of her messenger bag and a number grease-penciled on her left fore-arm. I’d guess she was in a bike messenger race. Makes sense.

    Still looks epic.

  • Chris

    And what’s a serious ride? I routinely ride across Seattle with a three-gear, bullhorn handled bike and use a messenger bag or a pack. My rides are normally 30 minutes to an hour long, in since we’re in the Pacific North-wet, regularly in the rain, with significant auto traffic. I know I’ve looked like a wringed out warf rat at the end of a mid-winter, rush-hour ride.

    Props to her.

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