The Daily Bike, December 17, 2012

You are here. You want to be here. Usually when you consider something like this, it’s about moving from place to another, but in this case, with’s new cycling kit, it’s about driving home the science of climate change in hopes of getting some action that will bring the atmospheric carbon parts per million down to 350.

The reason, as most of us know, is primarily due to the increase in the greenhouse gas carbon. Scientists say that we need to get below that 350 level, but we are, as the jersey shows, at 391…and climbing. (Actually, since the jersey was made, it’s gone to 392.) To punctuate the point, as we reported Friday, 2012 is the hottest year ever recorded — by a significant margin.

Tom Danielson and Adam Craig are two of the better known cyclists wearing the jersey, but they’re far from the only ones — this shortsleeve, along with an entire kit, is made in Italy by Capo and sold at Embrocation Cycling. Proceeds go to

$129 LINK

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  • Kirk

    Again, love AJ except of the climate change agenda pushing BS. Educate yourselves on the real reason “climate change” is pushed and stop being a tool for the BS.

    • steve casimiro Post author

      Kirk, my only real agenda is to ski more bottomless powder, ride buff singletrack, and score empty, glassy waves, but why don’t you educate us, though, on what you think this agenda is and what its goals are? Please be sure to support your claims with facts and, you know, science and stuff.

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