The Daily Bike, December 10, 2012

Momma said there would be days like this.

Actually, the illustration tells the tale, published in the September 3, 1911, issue of Le Petit Journal, of a man who was riding in through a resort town in Savoie, France. It’s a poor translation, but you get the idea:

A rather unusual adventure has just arrived in Paris in a tourist resort in Savoie. One of these days, tourists returning from Annecy bicycle when arrived near the hamlet of Chavoires, he was suddenly on his head like a terrific blow with a stick. Although somewhat dazed, jumped nimbly to the ground to respond. But his astonishment was great to see that the road was deserted.

However, the disappearance of his cap he proved he was not dreaming. So where had escaped her attacker? The rider asked this question when stubbornly, looking up, he saw, hovering majestically fifty meters superb eagle holding his cap in his talons…Few screams frightened the bird. He released his grip and the cap fell at the feet of his owner.

Poor translations, like bad lip reading, often tell the story better. But his astonishment was great to see that the road was deserted, indeed.

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