Moments of Regret: Ski Fail to Fakie

Moments of Regret follow a fairly predictable pattern. Dude gets an idea. Seems like a good idea at the time. There’s enthusiasm and stoke and chutzpah. He launches or pedals or jumps. And then things go south, often at the hands of gravity, while the bro holding the camera either laughs or says, “Holy shit, dude, are you okay?” This one, however, turns out different.

The video from Real Skifi, a.k.a. Janne Korpela, starts out with a ridiculous amount of jibbery mayhem — I counted 37 crashes in the first 84 seconds. Some are fairly tame, but some are eunuch-y cringe-worthy, and when you consider it’s the same three guys landing balls-first on railing after railing, well…oof.

But then, after the Warren Miller minute, these guys show what they can do in the park. And if the first part of the video is Washington Generals, the second part is all Harlem Globetrotters. These guys shred.

Now, watch it, quit complaining about the lack of snow, and then get after it. You might regret it if you do, but you’re guaranteed to regret it if you don’t.

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