Moments of Regret: North Shore Riding for Beginners

Note to girlfriend: You have an awesome attitude, but, just a suggestion, you might not be quite ready for North Van. Note to boyfriend: Dude, she gets up laughing? Don’t let that one get away.

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  • Steven Threndyle

    Since I live on the North Shore, I was sorta wondering ‘where the hell is this, it’s uh, pretty basic.’ Turns out it’s in Tennessee. I guess that’s ‘Shore Style riding’ – if it was on the Shore, the bridge would have been at about a 45 degree angle and the slats slicker than snot…

  • Andy

    Maybe this is the same girl.
    Hard way to learn the skill of shifting your weight or pulling up on the handlebars. Mad props for trying, though.
    -And Steven, why don’t you just give credit for someone trying a tech slightly beyond their skill level. Good for you living on the North Shore. Remind me to avoid haters like you when I am out there. North Shore is a term used to describe a certain style of trail OR a defined location.

  • cm

    Awesome that she laughed, even more awesome that her boyfriend a) took the time to stop and film her instead of being pissed that she’s not instantly pro, and b) boyfriend didn’t get pissed off at her for falling.
    There would be a lot more women out there trying with a smile on their face if it wasn’t for all the guys that yelled at us for being out there and slowing them down.

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