Moments of Regret: Dog Pees on Electric Fence

Twice I have been shocked by electric fences, once as a kid and once just a couple years ago, when I was shooting in New Zealand and trying to get closer to sheep (let the jokes begin). However, I have had the smarts, or, let’s be honest, the dumb blind luck, not to urinate on one. Not yet, anyway. As for this dog, well, he can’t say the same. And yes, it does get funnier the more you watch it.

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  • maxx

    Big favor for your IT dept. Take the blackout banner off your website, makes it hard to read and see articles on your site. Every article I click on comes up, but as soon as I start to read, the banner pops up and prevents me from reading a good portion of the page im on. Is anyone aware of this at Adventure Journal? because I gotta tell you, its rather annoying! Has anyone else complained about this? please let me know. I promise not to block your response.

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