Just How Big Is a Brown Bear? Really, Really Big

The title of this video, Brown Bear Attack, is completely misleading. The bear does not attack. Rather, Brody, who tips the scales at 1,500 pounds, shows remarkable restraint as he is teased and tempted with his favorite food, fried chicken. If I had four-inch claws and weighed three-quarters of a ton and you waved a plate of nachos in front of my face, game over. But Brody, no, he plays nice, gently rolling the cage around with curiosity.

What’s striking about this National Geographic clip isn’t that it shows what a bear attack “might look like.” Please. A bear attack would be loud, violent, and over pretty quickly. No, what’s striking is how freaking big Brody is compared to the man in the cage — shoot, to the cage itself. Monstrously big. We’ve all seen bears in videos and I’ve seen plenty in the wild, but this perspective puts bear size in a chilling and awesome light.

See what happens if you eat enough fried chicken?

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