Gear Review: Gore Running AIR GT AS Jacket

A good running jacket can make you look fast and feel, until you start running, anyway, when that’s usually the end of “speedster” me. But hey, it’s nice to at least feel fast. Gore Running Wear launched in the U.S. this spring, introducing a line of apparel with specific pieces and entire systems based on weather conditions, distances, performance levels and situations — a system for trail running in warm weather, a system for trail running in wet weather, a system for recreational running in cool weather, and so on, with some full outfits running as much as $700. The Air GT AS Jacket was part of a system designed for the “ambitious urban runner in cool, wet conditions.”

The $250 price tag feels a little hefty, but it is Gore. And you get what you pay for in fit, style, and minimalist design: Average-proportion guys — non-running physiques like my 5’11”, 175-pound climber dude frame — should love the cut of this jacket (see note about looking fast). Gore-Tex Active Shell is as breathable as you can hope for in waterproof breathable fabrics, and if you warm up, the jacket stuffs in the mesh stow pocket — a bit of a stretch to cram it all in there, but it holds fine with the elastic band over it. The Air GT AS had one real pocket, a zippered Napoleon pocket on the chest, and reflective print on the back and sleeves for urban running. I loved the zip vents on the bottom of the forearms, a smart, simple innovation that’s easy to get to and deploy on the run.\

$250 LINK

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  • Bill

    Any idea on it’s weight? Couldn’t find it on their website. A light gore jacket with pit zips is pretty close to holy grail for backpackers …

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