Fresh Goods: Bell Helmets Full 9 Bike Helmet

Should you happen to auger and knock yourself out halfway down A-Line at Whistler, let’s hope you’re wearing Bell’s Full 9 helmet. First responders have to get that bucket off your head, which could do way more harm than good. But the Full 9 has an air bladder in the top; EMTs can hook up a blood pressure inflator that ordinarily threads to the arm cuff and fill a balloon inside the top of the helmet. The pressure forces the helmet upward, while magnetically secured cheek pads fall free, making the lid that much easier to remove without rotating your neck. It’s a brilliant idea that was created for motocross, but now has come to downhill.

There’s also an integrated GoPro mount (and one for a Contour, too) and cable routing/pockets for seamless integration of a headset system to pipe in tunes. The camera mount, wisely, is a breakaway system, too, so if you knock the camera the arm of the mount won’t break.

$400 LINK

Available March 2013

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