Everything I Know About Climbing I Learned from ‘Vertical Limit’

While watching the 2000 adventure classic film Vertical Limit, you might find yourself asking questions like:

“Can I smoke at K2 base camp?”

“What is the proper way to carry nitroglycerin on a climb of an 8000-meter peak?”


“Do mountaineering axes only work at the last possible second before someone flies off a cliff to their death?”

Get answers to these questions and more in Tim Kambitsch’s YouTube film, “The Vertical Limit Guide to Climbing,” a comprehensive summary of the most important lessons any climber can glean from the 2000 adventure classic.

Of course, we’ll never know the reasons why Royce Garrett wears a referee’s whistle while climbing, or why he tells Peter to cut the rope and send him plummeting to his death in the film’s opening scene, when he could have simply told Annie to push her feet off the rope to put an additional cam in the crack six inches away.

Hungry for more knowledge? In November, Kambitsch released a second installment, “The Cliffhanger Guide to Climbing Gear.” LINK

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  • Tim Kambitsch

    Both parody works, Vertical Limit Guide to Climbing and Cliffhanger Guide to Climbing Gear, were blocked by Sony for copyright infringement. Apparently Sony doesn’t have sense of humor. Fortunately YouTube has an appeal process. I claimed “fair use” and the parodies are not back available.

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