Behind the Lens With Photographer Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is one of the top young photographers in surfing today. He brings a broader perspective than most surf shooters, literally, in that he came to the sport with a love for landscapes, and his pictures are frequently set back 20 paces. Environmental. Encompassing. Contextual.

So, too, is this short profile of Chris — it shows the man in his element. You will be jealous, I promise, as the camera sweeps across his day. But you might also find yourself, as I did, wishing more information were being shared about Burkard, about who he is and where he’s from and where he’s going. Details, not just context. Next time, maybe.

Also, Chris’s photographs are sold by Adventure Journal in our print store, including some of his best known works, like the shot that won the Red Bull Illume. Between now and Christmas, all photos and frames are 40 percent off. Use SKIDEEP as your code. Go to to check them out.

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