The Far Out Skiing of the Lyngen Alps

By any measure, the Lyngen Alps are a long way from almost anywhere. First you fly to Oslo, Norway. Then you fly north of the Arctic Circle, to Trømso. Then you drive for a couple hours onto the Lyngen peninsula. And then sometimes you get on a boat before you even strap on skins, and once you’ve strapped on skins you could be touring for an hour or two on the approach before it even gets steep.

But, man, is it worth it.

Last spring, Andreas Fransson and Morgan Salén spent three weeks in the Lyngens banging out first descents. Bjarn Salén was there to document. His edit is a bit too slow, too long, and has too much talking, but the skiing itself it fantabulous. First is the moderately sporting Swift Couloir, which looks like all-round good clean fun, followed by the Felix Couloir, which is a double-strength dose of Tapatio — spicy enough that only Fransson did it. Swift runs to about 2:30 and the Felix section begins about a minute later.

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