The Daily Bike, November 30, 2012

The three best parts of any bike ride are the anticipation right before you ride, the riding itself, and the post-rode satisfactory glow. Which is another way of saying there really isn’t a bad part to any ride.

Over the years, I’ve rolled into that glow in all manner of situations and spots, mostly at my house (boring) and my vehicle (typical), but sometimes at tents (yes) and occasionally at cabins (yeehaw). Cabins, for all they imply, might be the best — you’re away from home, on a trail, probably in the woods, and what could be better than that? There’s a reason Daily Bike and Weekend Cabin are the two most popular sections of Adventure Journal, and this photo by Dan Barham strongly hints at it.

Riders: Seb Kemp and Ryan Labar. Location: Brevard County, North Carolina.

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  • nick

    Your opening statement reminds me of what Madden once uttered just before an NFL game many years ago. “The key to this game is going to be offense, defense, and special teams.” At least you owned your statement of the obvious.

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