The Daily Bike, November 28, 2012

Burke Swindlehurst is a lifelong Utahan and professional racer who, after competing all over the world, still prefers riding around his local Tushar Mountains. So much so that he organized a 69 mile race, the ‘Crusher in the Tushar‘, from the town of Beaver to the Eagle Point ski resort. Portland’s Tonic Fabrication created this soft tail steed for Todd Littlehales to contest the event.

“The Crusher in the Tushar” is nearly half-and-half fire-road/dirt and pavement, so the question is: What type of bike is the most suitable…MTB or cyclocross? Tonic Fab combined the best of both worlds with this build and introduced a suspended rear end at the same time — an element which isn’t new at all, but refreshing to see again on an American race vehicle destined for the harsh Utah terrain.

The spring is a cylinder formed from 4130 cromoly, providing enough ‘give’ at the rear end to ensure a small relief from the washboard erosion that can be expected on the route. The front end is just as smooth: a custom-machined 44/56 tapered head tube houses a Chris King InSet 2 headset and an ENVE Cross Disc fork. Portland’s Studio 112 added the final touch with their paint and branding.

Brenton Salo is another Portland local, a photographer who is well-known around the cycling community. Brenton has been documenting the work of Tonic Fab for some time, as well as many other aspects of the culture. Check out his tumblr for more of his work.

Tonic Fabrication Tushar Crusher
Tonic Fabrication Tushar Crusher
Tonic Fabrication Tushar Crusher
Tonic Fabrication Tushar Crusher

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  • Matt Freeman

    Love this bike — so incredibly thoughtful and ingenious, and beautifully pieced together. Purposeful, and I’d love to see how the suspension holds up.

    Not so crazy on the logo’ing (the graphic design feels unbalanced and makes the fork/headtube look a little ungraceful), but hey that’s probably more of a byproduct of my “less is more” ethos.

  • kyle

    i like the look and i love the idea, much like the YBB. glad to see i’m not the only one who’s doing double duty with the mavic crossmax29s!

  • Clayton

    It does sort of look like the Moots YBB. I’m sure that suspension will be fine. It’s a ‘cross bike after all, not a mountain bike. You have to remember that C-dale used the “soft tail” suspension on their Scalpels and Trek had a Fuel mountain bike at the end of the 90′s, beginning of 2000′s, that had a SID 1″ travel built in. I know everyone here already knows, but you just have to pick different lines than you would if you were riding an actual mountain bike.

    I think this bike is sick. I want one. I love the graphics. The mustard yellow isn’t my favorite, but it isn’t displeasing either. Colors can be changed. The ENVE goodies are wicked, especially the disc fork. I know this is a K.I.S.S. kind of bike, but a TRP Parabox (or similar) hydraulic set-up on the brakes would put it over the top.

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