The Daily Bike, November 27, 2012

Keith Snyder isn’t just old school about his photography, he’s defiantly old school. “Until all great films and papers are taken away and we are marched in lock step into the hell of pixels and pigments, I will continue to make images and prints by hand with light, chemicals, precious metals, and water instead of glorified photocopiers and super computers,” he writes.

The Brooklyn-based photography shoots a lot of cyclocross and is as adept at capturing post-race emotion as the action itself. In this case, the subject is Brit, caught in full splatter in Gloucester, Massachusetts. This image is from an 8- x 11.5-inch silver gelatin print scanned and uploaded — at full scan resolution, the grain grounds the print in the same earthiness as the dried mud on her kit.

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  • Joe Jacobs

    Thinking about the days that paint and canvas artists thought all that chemical and paper “art” was nonsense. He does good work and as a person working in photography since the 70′s, I fully appreciate his skill in the darkroom. Thanks to the digital realm that brought his photography to my monitor.

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