Selkirk Wilderness Tees Up Deepest of the Deep

Within the six or so minutes of “Origins” are three distinct and separate films, of which you should definitely watch at least two. The first is the terrifically creative opening sequence, which combines new school motion graphics with old school imagery to the tell the story of the founding of Selkirk Wilderness Skiing, which claims to be the world’s first cat-skiing operation, in a very, very cool manner. The second is melt-you-face powder sequences of trenching and ditch-digging in the blower like nothing you’ve ever seen — if this doesn’t get you super ultra mega stoked for the next dump, just sell your skis and take up croquet.

The third is people talking about how cool they find Selkirk Wilderness — standard issue blah blah about what a great place Selkirk is for riders. It’s…fine, but ultimately forgettable because in the first two segments we get to see just how sick this place is instead of being told. Watch it until 2:30 and you’ll die happy.

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