Poll: What’s the Best Thing About Daylight Standard Time?

Yes, the art for this week’s poll is supposed to be black. Consider it an editorial statement on the end of Daylight Savings Time. Last night, I was thinking, “Man, it’s getting late” and when I looked at the clock it said…7:15. Weak.

But it is the nature of humanoids to look upon the bright side, even when it comes via the dark. There are good things about early onset blackness, right? More time to repaint your toy soldier collection or reroute your model train layout. Er, I mean, tune your skis and catch up on long-overdue bike or board maintenance. Or finally seal the seams in that tent you bought two summers ago. Or explore the joys of night running.

So…what thinkest thou?


This week, one poll participant will receive Smith Optic’s Serpico sunglasses. We’ll pick the winner via random number generator (and announce it here) — all you have to do to enter is vote and leave a comment so we have your email to contact you. Must have a U.S. or Canadian address. Contest ends Sunday, October 11, at midnight PST.

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