Poll: To What Decade and Sport Would You Return?

Nostalgia is by its very nature narrow of scope and simple of view, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t onto something. Sports go through eras of often explosive change in technology, culture, technique, style, fashion, and thought — a zeitgeist coalesces and a moment is defined, sometimes around a particular piece of gear, sometimes around a particular look. When you live through those moments, there isn’t so much a looking back or looking forward, but the strong and tangible sense that you’re making the now.

In the broader culture, of course, we get these periods (the 60s, grunge, greed is good), but they seem particularly well suited to develop in the small, tribal ecosystems of sports, with their tighter communities, specialized gear and clothing, and insular language. Sometimes it’s the early years that take on a particularly burnished glow, sometimes its in maturity, sometimes its when revolution takes place.


This week, one poll participant will receive Smith Optic’s I/O snow goggles. We’ll pick the winner via random number generator (and announce it here) — all you have to do to enter is vote and leave a comment so we have your email to contact you. Must have a U.S. or Canadian address. Contest ends Sunday, November 18, at midnight PST.

Congrats to Zach Suggs, winner of this week’s contest!

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