Fresh Goods: Rapha-Oakley Frogkins Sunglasses

There’s nothing like making an extremely limited edition of something to generate desire. The Rapha-FOCUS cyclocross team has been rocking custom Oakley Radarlocks and Frogskins this season, and because you can’t get ‘em, everybody wants ‘em. Well, now you can have them, maybe, if you have the top bid in the silent auction to raise money for the team.

Each day for the next three weeks, Rapha will auction a pair of the shades — Radarlocks this week, Frogskins next, and both on December 11. Minimum bid is $250. Go here for more.

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  • Steven C Threndyle

    the collab craze hits cycling; no surprise, there. Nice to see ‘em doing it as a charity deal. I sorta thought it was a Greg Herbold Signature Model.

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