‘Fractions’ Shows the Power of the Ocean. And Bikinis

Give Matt Kleiner credit: He knows his audience well. His new short film, Fractions, is filled with bikinis. Lots and lots of bikinis, none of which are even remotely connected to surfing. Okay, whatever. The reason I’m showing you Fractions isn’t about the bikinis, though — it’s because despite the gratuitousness (gratuity?) of the girls, there is epic ocean footage contained within. Epic.

Yes, there’s good surfing, too. Kleiner’s surfers include John John Florence and Jordy Smith, who might be unknown to you if you don’t read surf magazines, but are a couple of the most talented young bucks in the water. They spin, they flip, they shred.

But those wave shots! See enough surfing videos, even big wave videos, and you lose perspective on just how big and wild the oceans are. Waves are compressed, taken out of context, shown from generally just one or two perspectives. But Kleiner has an eye for those moments, or those snapshots, that remind you just how heavy this all really is. Beautiful stuff. Guess he has an eye for beauty.

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