Across the USA in 5,000 Photos in 3 Minutes

Mike Matas is not the Facebook friend who gets back from a vacation and posts 500 photos of his trip, expecting you to scroll through them all. No, he’ll give you 5,000 in a three-minute film clip.

Matas, a user interface designer who’s partly responsible for the Nest Learning Thermostat and some of the apps on your iPhone and iPad, did what you’ve always talked about doing: Rented a car in San Francisco and drove it across the United States.

Matas and his girlfriend spent two weeks this fall zipping across America from California to New York, checking off pretty much every American icon that’s ever been made into a postcard. Then he poured all of his 5,000 photos of this trip into this video. If you do the math (I did!), that’s almost 30 photos per second. The film admittedly flows like a bunch of photos on fast-forward, which is not exactly smooth, but captures the hectic, disjointed feeling of a cross-country trip. It’s hard to keep your mouse off the pause button while watching it. Wait, was that Devils Tower?

More fun with numbers: 5,000 photos taken over the course of a 14-day trip = 357 photos snapped per day.

Declination is other places, other spaces, and the things that happen there.

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