A Skier’s Journey to Dubai

How many days did you ski last year? No matter how many, Mohammed, a 26-year-old Moroccan living in Dubai had more. Mohammed skis six days a week, every week of the year, at the indoor hill at the Mall of Emirates, and as Jordan Manley tells it, he may have more days on snow than anyone else on the planet.

Maybe. And whether he is or not, what’s surprising about the indoor skiing in Dubai is that people go there not just as a novelty, but because they can ski all the time. Like Mohammed, who previously raced in Europe but moved to the Middle East so he could make turns nonstop.

Manley’s newest chapter in A Skier’s Journey is no novelty, either. It’s a visual feast, of course, with strange juxtapositions and otherworldly cityscapes left and right. But there’s more of a ski culture centered around this 200 vertical “hill” than anyone could possibly expect, and Jordan does it justice. It’s worth the full nine minutes.

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