Moments of Regret: A U-Lock Around Your Neck

You use a U-lock to secure your bike because most things can’t cut through it: Bolt cutters, hacksaws, most portable tools. So when you put it around your neck, lock it, and the key breaks off in the lock, well, it’s pretty much FML.


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  • Chris

    I’ve been looking for a good lock to keep my bike secure in my garage and if a U-Lock can keep a hipster locked up then its definetly back in the running.

  • Travis Miranda

    Power tools might not work well but a U-Lock has no chance against a car jack. one of those honda ones that will fit in between the bars and bend it out of the locking holes and will pop right out. I only use the really small U-Lock because you cant get a set of jacks in there. Thanks for the cool page.

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