Yosemite Closes One-Quarter of Cabins Over Hantavirus

Yosemite National Park, which recently warned 1,700 visitors to its tent cabins that they might have been exposed to potentially deadly hantavirus, closed 91 of the Curry Village shelters on the eve of the Labor Day holiday after finding mouse droppings in the tent walls. Three people were confirmed infected after summer visits, two of whom died, and a fourth person was strongly suspected to have hantavirus.

Since discovering the cases of hantavirus, Yosemite has been cleaning and repairing the tent cabins to remove traces of mice and block them from returning. All the infections came in what are known as “signature” cabins, which are double-walled and insulated for use in the winter. Workers found droppings in a number of tents between the walls and insulation.

“We want to make sure that guests are safe and we just weren’t satisfied that what we were able to do was sufficient,” said park ranger Jana McCabe.

Hantavirus affects the pulmonary system and is fatal in about one-third of cases. Nearly 600 people have been confirmed infected since it was discovered in 1993.

Visitors to other lodging within the park and working with outside proprietors to find accommodations for guests,

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  • @ginabegin

    Just saw this on the news two nights ago. I have a few friends climbing there and I immediately thought of them. Do you know if the stats about the 600 people is confined to the National Park since 93 or to the US (or beyond)?

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