The Daily Bike, August 27, 2012

The Faggin family business has been manufacturing fine Italian bicycles for more than 65 years, successfully establishing a name for their handmade carbon fiber frames as well as the steel frames to which they owe their reputation. Thankfully, they staunchly continue to offer those steel frames within their range, including the Passegiata.

The Passeggiata is constructed by hand in the Faggin (pronounced Fah-JEEN) workshop, located in the Italian city of Padova, from Colombus SL Niobium tubing. Its purpose will be somewhat of an enigma to salesmen — it’s a comfortable, classy frame borne from a pedigree racing lineage, equipped with a Brooks holdall and tool bag. Kind of like a Series 1 Alfa Romeo Spider with a luggage rack. The last Faggin we featured was the hugely popular Primavera, built by Cristina Faggin, daughter of the company’s founder, Marcello. The Passegiata is built by Cristina’s husband, Massimo, and is available for purchase via the Faggin website.

Faggin Passeggiata
Faggin Passeggiata
Faggin Passeggiata

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