An Animated Film that Will Make You ‘Much Better Now’

The existence of a bookmark is noble but rather one-dimensional. You hold a place and wait until the next time the person reads the book. You wait while they’re reading it until you can hold another place. And then when you’re stuck back in, you hold and wait again. Important work, yes, but perhaps not the most thrilling of lives. Unless, that is, you’re the bookmark in “Much Better Now.”

This short film is winning all sorts of acclaim for its terrific stop-motion animation, but even more for its delights. At times charming and whimsical, at others pensive, it brings to life feelings — it animates — in ways that render words unnecessary. And so, too, spending too much time describing would be a waste…just watch and enjoy.

And if you’re curious about how it was made, watch the video below.

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  • holly morton

    How inspiring. Keep the creativity going. I’m SO delighted that you offered your intellect. It certainly is making me decide how to share my experiences with the world. I think we all have something going on in our life/minds; sharing is the answer1
    Thank you so much,

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