The Double BASE Jump Onto Fisher Towers

In a move reminiscent of the enchainments taking place around Chamonix in the 1980s, base jumper Mario Richard leaped off a cliff called Dragon’s Nest outside Moab, sailed to the top of the King Fisher, the biggest of the Fisher Towers, high-fived some waiting friends, and then jumped off the King to land in the valley below. He’s believed to be the first to pull it off, though certainly many have dreamed about it.

“You actually get to land and there’s people all excited because they saw it happen,” he told the Salt Lake City Fox News affiliate, “and they’re there to share the emotion and for the first few minutes there’s so much joy and you bask in accomplishing this thing you’ve been working at.”

If you’re paying attention, you’ll catch a glimpse of Ancient Art, the route climbed by Katie Brown and Alex Honnold in the semi-infamous Citibank commercial.

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