Sick! Josh Dueck Pulls the World’s First Sit Ski Backflip

In 2004 Josh Dueck had a skiing backflip go horribly wrong. It turned him into a paraplegic. But it didn’t stop him from skiing. As soon as he could, he started sit skiing, and if you watch the first few seconds of this footage you see Dueck hucking drops, blowing arcs through powder — going bigger on a sit ski than most of us can do with two good legs and a healthy spine.

Clearly, Deuck’s skill, even as a sit skier, would keep tickling him to go bigger. And to go back into the air, inverted.

“This is something I’ve been dreaming about ever since I was laid out in the hospital. I’ve wanted to get back on the horse ever since I was knocked off.”

He got back on it and then some. Watching him stick a sit ski backflip might very well give you chills.

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  • Chad Kagy

    I’m impressed by the courage Josh showed after his injury and proud of his support of Sarah Burke with the sticker on the front of his chair as well as having Rory with him. Nice to see Rory on a mountain in the snow again with a smile on his face. Stay Strong Rory and keep it up Josh.

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