AT Action Camper for Jeep

Note: It has been brought to our attention that the Action Camper was in fact designed in Austria by Thaler

>Note: It has been brought to our attention that the Action Camper was in fact designed in Austria by Thaler Design. We apologize for any confusion, dizziness, fainting or lack of sleep this may have caused.Somewhere deep in the Arizona Desert, Mario Donovan is trying to make car camping more fun, convenient, and accessible. It was with this in mind that he started designing a camper top for the ever popular four-door Jeep Wrangler. Using 3D CAD to lay out a fiberglass shell and utilizing the construction methods used by boat builders, Donovan has built an extremely lightweight camper that adds just 440 pounds after all the Jeep parts have been removed.

This all translates to a comfy place to sleep, cook, and chill that has a small footprint without sacrificing too much of what the Jeep was designed to do, which is go anywhere. Interior headroom is more than 6’3″. There’s a bed for two, three-burner stove, tons of storage, access from the cab, an optional shower, and more. New for 2012, Jeep is powered by a 3.6L Pentastar V6 that is claiming 17MPG city and 21MPG highway – far from good, but also far from the worst it’s been for a vehicle of this capability – though of course this will be affected by the camper.

At 50 Gs, this is no commodity pickup topper. And obviously, for that kind of money, it’s only for people who really, really want to turn their Jeep into a camper. But for that, it’s one of a kind.

$53,500 (plus Jeep) LINK

Photos by Sinuhe Xavier (1-4), Action Camper (5-10)

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  • Naomi

    That is crazy cool.

  • Todd
  • Sinuhe Xavier


    Vehicles are tricky, one person’s dream is another’s beater. This, to me, is a true alternative to the Sportsmobile.

    Having spent time in both the Earthroamer and AT, personally I would prefer the AT for a couple reasons.

    1) The ER has more moving parts and complexity to the systems than the AT.

    2) The AT has more room.

    3) The ER tent’s cantilever design does not inspire long lasting confidence. It is also virtually impossible to get the ER tent out of the wind. The AT simply needs to have the cheese wedge pointed upwind.

    For the record, I still sleep on the ground and am still searching for my dream truck.

  • Mario Donovan

    Thank you for the glowing review. While AT provided some input in the design process, we cannot take credit for it. The ActionCamper was designed by Thaler Design of Austria and the first prototype built in Italy. AT is the exclusive distributor for the Americas. AT provided testing and design evaluation and is working with Thaler Design to coordinate US based manufacturing. Design changes are being reviewed to adapt the wonderful ergonomics of the ActionCamper to other vehicle platforms….perhaps even Sinuhe’s dream truck 🙂

  • Gabe Pari

    I thought this was designed and built by Mucki at Thaler Designs in Austria…

  • Mario Donovan

    @ Gabe-

    noted in the comment

  • Gabe Pari

    Thanks Mario, nice looking rig. See you in the desert 🙂

  • 4wheel her

    Eh, Toyota Tacoma with a Six PAC or Four Wheel slide-in pop up camper. The camper’s removable for versatility, the truck’s more reliable, you get more interior room, and if you get a used truck and camper, the extra $30,000 lets you retire earlier or take a year off work for travel. The payload weights are about equal. I’m camped out in mine right now, rigged with a GoalZero solar power setup. Total cost, with suspension upgrades and camper fix-up: under $15,000.

    • A ten year old

      Excuse me but the action camper has a very high profile.Would it make it top heavy and unable to cross extreme terrain?Also why don’t you just get a Phoenix pulse from coyote rv.

  • toni lee

    56K just for the camper????

  • richard bennett

    Good idea! A spin on the Chevy Blazer Chalet. I’d like to see Jeep build a longer wheelbase 2 door, as they did for the original Wrangler Unlimited.

  • Chris Varner

    Very nice in deed!!! It’s too bad that they don’t have one of these campers for a 77 CJ5, I’d buy 2.

    However, the Arizona comment would have held water if there was a few Saguaro Cactus in one of the photos, you know the ones that only grow in AZ and the Sonora desert.

    Maricopa, Arizona

  • Eric


    Looks more like Mojave desert….maybe outside Vegas or just south of the dam in north West AZ.

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