10 Things I Have Learned About Mountain Biking

Tom Malecha loves mountain biking. He LOVES mountain biking and he loves to make films about it. And if he’s anything like other hardcore mountain bikers, he’s learned a lot more from the sport than just 10 things. Shoot, I’ve learned 10 things about scars alone. But all that knowledge wouldn’t distill nicely into a sweet little video like this one. Check it out and see how it compares to your schooling.

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  • Sandor Lengyel

    Great Video! Even better that I had an epic singletrack laden ride the day before.

    Every time I watch something like this, I can’t help thinking that the new generation of cheap HD cameras (GoPro et al), and remote control helicopters are the great equalizers, allowing “amateur” filmmakers to rival the gazillion dollar studios. Rival? Actually surpass, because these shorts are infused with so much passion and soul. Thanks. This one’s going viral in the outdoor community.

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