Gear Review: Kuat Bottle Bike Lock

Küat’s new lock fits in your bottle cage — so you’re never put out by how to lug a lock for your commute. Which for me has always been the hangup; wrapping a chain lock across my torso, messenger style, is rad looking, and pseudo menacing even…and does really bad things to my lumbar. But this bad boy incorporates five feet of 8mm coated cable (so it won’t scar your bike’s paint) that coils back inside the “bottle” shape. A small, threaded enclosure at the bottom is large enough to hold the Bottle Lock’s keys, too.

While the cylinder-style keyed lock is probably pretty hard to pick, the cable isn’t the most stout setup on earth. Anyone with modestly powerful bolt cutters could snap this lock in a heartbeat. So, being a belt-and-suspenders type, I’ve upped the Bottle Lock’s security level from about a 6 to an 8 with a simple kludge: I throw a $6 hardware store padlock into that storage compartment at the base of the Küat.

Then, after I string the cable lock around my bike (always being sure to remove the front wheel and tugging the cable through the frame and both front- and rear wheels), I take an extra 30 seconds to remove my seatpost. I thread the post through the wheels, and lock the padlock onto one of the saddle rails and to a spoke.

This setup looks like a total nightmare for any would-be thief, because he has to cut the Bottle Lock’s cable and also bust a spoke, making that wheel rub, which would slow his getaway. Remember, you don’t need the biggest, baddest security system, you just need one that’s more annoying than average. That’s the aim, and the Bottle Lock, with a padlock, nails that target.

$34 LINK

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  • former shop employee

    Cool product, but nothing about this lock can be rated a 6/10, let alone an 8/10 security wise. Kryptonite has a 6′ x8mm w/ padlock that they rate at 2/10. Yes, this is a fancy/handy deterrence, but as the author says, anyone with a pair of loppers could cut through the cable like a spoon through avocado (for the vegans).

  • Fred

    There is no spring to rewind the cable, so you have to slowly roll it up manually by grabbing the top of the bottle, which is inconvenient. The bottom compartment for keeping the keys etc. doesn’t lock very well. General quality is average. I bought two and am somewhat disappointed…

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