Fresh Goods: VITAband Emergency Bracelet (and Cash)

If you’ve ever gone for a long run and then bonked on the road without cash or credit cards, you’ll appreciate the smarts behind the VITAband, a soft silicone emergency bracelet. There are heaps of emergency IDs available — you sign up, enter all your medical details, next of kin, etc., and then if paramedics find you beside the road in low-blood-sugar daze, they dial a number on the bracelet and discover you’re most likely over-hungover, under-caffeinated, and in need of a toasted everything bagel. VITAband does all that. But it also contains a small microchip that stores funds you’ve loaded onto a prepaid Visa card, which you can then use at any merchant that accepts Visa payWave wireless payments (there are millions).

$40 LINK

Hat tip: Gear Patrol

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