Portfolio: Photographer Guy Sargent

If last week’s portfolio by Alexandre Deschaumes was lingering look at the drama of high dynamic range photography, full of sturm und drang, this week’s is a contrast and counterpoint. Fine art photographer Guy Sargent, who shoots primarily in his native England, takes a studied, gentle approach. He uses a large-format camera with long exposures and resolves a world that is soft and blended.

“I just want to say as much as I can using as little information as possible,” he says.

Sargent was a carpenter until just a couple of years ago, when he took up photography on an extended holiday. Once he started shooting, he never went back to woodworking, and it’s tempting to look at the subjects of his images as perhaps a statement on his previous craft. Frequently in his photos, nature eats away at the manmade, or at the very least expresses its permanence in the face of the temporal.

Much of today’s photography is beyond instant: Take it, see it, and share it with the world in less than five seconds. Large format photography, however, is slow, methodical, and considered. And that’s the best way to view these images. Slow down. Let the eye wander. Look to see what Sargent sees, and to distill what it is he’s trying to say, with as little as possible.

Prints of Guy’s work, including some seen here, run about $145. Buy them or check out more of his work at guysargent.net. Also, his blog, Tumblr, and @guysargent at Twitter.

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