Daily Bike, Bike In Theater

Brothers Jason and Anthony Anello live in Brooklyn. One works in advertising. The other seems to be not be working right now, but the two are incredibly creative and run the semi-regular blog, Forking Tasty, about their foodie-loving exploits. (WARNING: Just looking at it is going to make you exceptionally hungry.) Their blog has also spawned events — or is it vice-versa? — called Reel Tasty, in which vintage movies are screened al fresco on a deck in Brooklyn, and yummy food is served, made fresh by the bros and friends. It’s like a pop-up restaurant/drive-in, minus the cars.

Jason is bicycle- as well as food-obsessed, so in May they threw up their first Bike-in-Theater, where folks rode and squatted in the urb of a warehouse district and ate and drank and watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

We don’t know the answers to the following: Will they do more? What will they show? What’s on the menu??? But we do know that you’ll find out about it by signing up to their e-mail list.

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  • demi

    this is such a cool idea! i love when nontraditional spaces are converted into make-shift theaters–it’s always such a unique experience

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