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  • Malcolm Daly

    That is a beautiful photo of a beautiful falls. What is doesn’t show, however, is the trash dump you have to walk though for 12 miles to get to it. I’m sure that if people saw the horrible mess that the reservation was in that the polish would come off that apple pretty quickly.

    • steve casimiro Post author

      Hey, Mal…not sure when you went. I’ve been to Havasupai four times and have never seen trash on the trail…until I got to village, which is another story.

      • Abaum

        I had a similar experience to Malcolm’s when I went to Supai in 2007, I think. The village was a mess, but so was the campground. Some campers had coolers full of soda and beer (even though that is prohibited). Just felt like the kind of place that those that have no concept of LNT go to see the “wilderness”. There was garbage all over the campground in the form of bottles, plastic bags, etc. I walked away feeling digusted with the place and fairly certain I would never return. Maybe it’s different depending on the timing, but I’ve seen the same at other popular spots like Fossil Creek in AZ.

  • Marina

    Just stumbled upon this photo – how beautiful! I’ve never seen water that color, which makes it even more stunning against the greenery and red clay. I need to visit this place!

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