Mountain Bike Pro Outed As Vancouver Rioter

You can’t get away with anything these days. Flip over a car in the wake of the Vancouver Canucks loss in the Stanley Cup finals, celebrate like a wild man while it burns, and dang it if someone isn’t there with a camera to share it with the world. Whistler-based mountain bike pro Alex Prochazka, who goes by Alex Pro and can be seen in the dark blue shirt with his tongue out in the photo above, was caught rioting after the Canucks loss last Wednesday and, unfortunately for him, that t-shirt has one of his sponsors’ logos on the front, Oakley.

Prochazka, who can be seen in the above news report throwing something at a truck at the 1:12 mark, was publicly outed by the “name and shame” website, and also by He could not be reached for this story and his website is down, but he told the Vancouver Sun, “I didn’t go there for the riot, I went for the hockey game and got caught up in the hysteria of it afterwards.”

According to several of his Facebook friends, Prochazka initially denied anything to do with the rioting. Those friends have since been locked out of his page.

The Sun also reported Prochazka has been dropped by some of his sponsors. Target did not renew his contract in May, according to a company representative, who said, “Alex Prochazka is no longer a Target-sponsored athlete. Our association with him ended with the expiration of his contract on May 1st, prior to his regrettable actions last week.”

Oakley Canada said on its Facebook page, “We are currently reviewing our relationship with Alex Pro & will be taking actions to see that Alex becomes aware that we do not accept behavior like this from any of our athletes or spokesperson(s).”

In the day or so since Oakley posted that message, its Facebook page has been flooded with calls for a boycott of Oakley products and for Prochakza to be dropped. There’s been no comment from Oakley Canada since midday Sunday. And strangely enough, no one’s pointed out the irony of the contest being promoted on Oakley’s Facebook page, which urges people to “Join the Rebellion”.

UPDATE: Oakley Canada announced that it has dropped Prochazka from its roster. “Oakley does not condone or support the actions taken by Alex Prochazka. And as a result of his behavior, Oakley Canada has elected to end its association with Alex Prochazka effective immediately.”

A man in a baseball cap who appears to be Alex Pro can be seen rolling car.

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  • Werner

    “no one’s pointed out the irony of the contest being promoted on Oakley’s Facebook page, which urges people to “Join the Rebellion”.”

    No one has pointed it out because it’s not irony and there’s no connection. What happened in Vancouver was hooliganism of the lowest form. Those rioters weren’t rebelling against anything except rational thinking and decent behaviour. A lot of pro athletes have rather juvenile mentalities. Alex Pro did a stupid thing in public and is about to discover that just as falling off your bike brings consequences, so too does illegal destructive behaviour in front of a lot of cameras.

  • Gnarrrrrrr

    “Pretty sad state of affairs. The contrast of this to the Olympics a mere year ago is staggering.”

    Please know that there were many if the rioters heading out of the suburbs ready to riot whether the Vancouver Canucks won or lost. Real hockey fans were saddened by the Canuck’s loss but take it all in stride. It was a small percentage of mostly male, suburban Neanderthals who came into Vancouver to get drunk, fight or destroy private and public property.
    Alex deserves all the consequences of his actions. The loss of sponsors is only the first step.
    Prospective sponsors will run away from him because of his actions. He’ll likely end up with a criminal record, which will likely keep him out of the US. He’s “apologized” but that rings empty as he is only sorry he got caught.

  • Troy

    what a dick! he made his bed, now he will have to sleep in it.
    it’s hilarious that he had such a position of prestige – one that so many talented athletes envy: sponsored by big name companies. he blew it all away in one evening of stupidity.
    ah well, this shows his character. he deserves it.

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