Running Avalanche Control With the Solitude Patrol

There’s no better alarm clock than the sound of avalanche charges banging off at your local hill, the reverbing echo calling out to you: “Powder daaaaaayyy, powder daaaaaayyyy.” In fact, the only better possible alarm is when it’s your real alarm because you’re the one who’s out there throwing the slide-o-mite. Bombs before breakfast, baby!

In this shortfilm, it’s the Solitude ski patrol and they’re hiking Fantasy Ridge O.B., making it safe for all the little children still in their beds with visions of face shots dancing in their heads. Alas, there’s a bit too much talking (shorter is almost always better, good people in the editing bay) but it’s worth it for the delirious beautiful views of those magic hours between sunrise and first chair.

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  • Ali G

    I posted about two weeks ago on your site about me going up to Utah in the first of March. My week was e-pic as it gets…

    I skied Solitude for the first time of my life. Three of my buddies and I got there three days after a major dump, which left Alta and Snowbird covered in 91 inches of deep but tracked out by 1PM. Well, on that day, three after the big storm, Solitude was still full of that fresh stuff. Not only that, the place is STEEP. Good terrain, sunshine and a good crew made this a memorable day.

    We can’t all be ski bums for the entire length of our life, but it is still permitted to live for these kind of days. Amen!

  • Craig Rowe

    Hit up Solitude this year as well. That place is incredible. Accessible and so aptly named. At one point during the day, around 11:30 a.m., we had to find someone to pay in the restaurant because there were so few folks around. And this was in mid-January.

    Oh, and you have to love the Solitude avalanche patrol dogs.

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