Fad Idea? Inflatable Transparent Plastic Bubble Tents

The European design community is going nuts over BubbleTree plastic tents. These see-through orbs hold their shape via air compressors, a la the bounce house your neighbor rented for his preschooler’s birthday party, and cost between $9,000 and $17,000. The manufacturer says the air inside stays fresh because it’s always circulating, but at first glance these seem better suited for proving global warming via than greenhouse effect than offering a midday respite.

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  • Diana

    I suppose they look pretty, it’s an interesting contrast between a sterile white environment and nature, and the photo of the bubble on the beach seems like it would be a cool place to hang out… but the whirr of that air compressor would really ruin any relaxation/back to nature type experience, no? :-)

  • Erik

    So they have an air blower going 24/7? How could anyone possibly think that’s peaceful? They look cool and all but they are more Burning Man than regular camping to me.

  • Germish

    I guess if you own your own beach, are bored with life, because you already have everything you could possibly have, then this is something to show off to invited friend. ‘Look what I have on my beach’ Who says that I actually have to use this totally impractical ‘boil in a bubble’. Albeit I am certain that the so called air compressor must be an Aircon unit.

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