The Perfect Wave Is In…the Spanish Hills?

NOBODY SHOULD BE shocked that the big surprise promised for today by something called Wavegarden turned out to be a wave machine — the viral marketing videos released over the last week or so hinted at manufactured flawless peelers. And now that the curtain has been revealed and is live, we know that…well, it’s a wave machine….long on tantalizing glimpses and short on details.

Wavegarden is a group of Spanish engineers and surfers that’s been working on wave-creation technology for six years. With today’s public reveal, the company is open for business — but to builders of potential wave parks. The demonstration wave is hidden in the hills of Basque country and isn’t open to the public. There’s no word when Wavegarden might be coming to an inland location near you — the announcement is designed to generate buzz to attract municipal or private bucks.

And, well, why not? Wavegarden can be built in a lake, pool, or lagoon, with a minimum of impact (what “minimum” means is unclear), the makers say. And unlike so many manmade waves, the Wavegarden swell pitches out into a nice ovalized tube and perfectly smooth face. It’s not huge — so far, they’ve produced waist- to chest-high surf, with five feet promised by summer — but seems to have enough juice to have a little fun.

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  • Craig Rowe

    I was checking the site out earlier today. If this isn’t in Disney (although they have such apparatuses already) or Vegas by year’s end I will be shocked. Hey, it could finally give all the Holister kids a reason to actually consider standing on a surfboard.

  • Rid

    Love it @ Very cool. What a great “pool” to have when the ocean is flat. Looks like everyone is having a great time, as it should be.

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