MTB Vs. Motorcycle for Pinks: Who’s Faster?

In the annals of man vs. machine you’d think bicycle vs. moto would be…soooo over, like, back in 1915 or so. But this race between a man riding a downhill mountain bike and a guy on a motocross motorcycle proves that old arguments might have fresh legs.

And this isn’t a man, it’s Gee Atherton on a bike. Gee isn’t just an all-around nice chap (he is, actually), but the 2010 World Cup overall DH champ and one of the most gifted riders of his age. The bad news for Gee? He’s not racing a random moto-head: He’s throwing down versus three-time enduro world champ David Knight. This could get interesting.

Atherton does have one trick up his sleeve: They’re racing on his home court, Fort William, Scotland. And while both boys are Brits, this is a track Atherton knows like the footprint of his own knobbies; he’s probably raced on this World Cup circuit more than anywhere else in the world. Local knowledge vs. motor power. You think Knight’s petrol KTM is gonna slay Atherton’s quad-powered Commencal that easily?

Maybe, maybe not. But the winner gets the other dude’s bike. Roll tape and see who takes the prize.

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