2011 Best Outdoor iPhone Apps — Best Camping Apps

By Steve Casimiro

Well, it’s free. It’s also inaccurate — the campground it listed as closest to my house is actually 400 miles away. But…it’s free. And if it’s one in the morning and you’re desperate to find an RV park and Google Maps isn’t cooperating, well, it doesn’t hurt to keep this on your phone.

Coleman Camping Cookbook

The fact that you can create a recipe on a Coleman stove doesn’t make it camping friendly, a niggling issue the Coleman licensing people forgot when they built this app. This collection of recipes would be more at home at home, especially if your home uses lots of sugar and fat. There are more artery-clogging recipes in here than healthy, that’s for sure. Of course, that’s just me: It has a 3-star rating in the app store, so download it yourself and tell me if I’m wrong.

Knot Time

Although it ain’t super purty, Knot Time and its free companion, Knot Time Lite, are darn useful. Not only do they organize knots by purpose (duh!), they include how-to videos for each, which are downloaded when you DL the app, so even if you’re off the grid you can get a bowline on a bight refresher. Free version has just nine knots, paid has 33.

Survival Guide

Love this guide. Love it. It’s based on the same survival field manual the boys and girls in digi camo are given and packed with tons of common sense knowledge for keep it real alive out there. The only problem: It’s packed. Lot of words, not so many illos…read and assimilate before you go and you’ll be fine, just fine.

Ultimate SAS Survival Guide Lite

Lively, fun (in that twisted survivalist way), and chock full of great beta on coming back in one piece, this survival guide by a former British special services guy is much more user friendly than the U.S. military manual. Like all guides, it’s better read before you go — I’d like to see it organized with, “You’re lost, now what?” “You’re injured, now what?”

What Knot to Do

If we were giving out gold stars, What Knot to Do would receive five out of five. Well designed, well organized, it shows you how to tie 70 knots with step by step instructions and includes a pretty informative glossary. Combine the videos from Knot Time with this app from Columbia and you’d have the Gordianist of all knot apps.

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