SICK: The Mother of All Rope Swings

There’s little that pro skier Mike Wilson won’t jump off — and the bigger the better. A video of the Tahoe local dropping triple backflips off a rope swing into the Truckee River garnered half a million views on YouTube, but that summer diversion was nothing compared to the rig he strung up over Lake Tahoe, which launched him 99 linear feet and sparked quad backflips.

“I spend most of my summer looking for stuff to jump off,” Wilson told ESPN. “I’ve done that my whole life, but it got worse once I turned 18 and took up BASE-jumping. Now I’m always looking at tall stuff trying to jump off of it, and if there’s water around I look for cliffs. If there aren’t any cliffs, rope swings or ziplines work fine too.”

Like the jumps themselves, the video takes awhile to wind out, but is worth the wait. Read more of Wilson’s thoughts on jumping and how it relates to skiing at ESPN here.

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