New Zealand’s Killer Whales Ride Killer Waves

orca surfing new zealand | adventure journal
If this were a cheesy, general interest publication, the lede for this story might be “Orcabunga, dude!” Instead, it’s a cheesy, adventure-oriented publication, which would never deign to trite cliches and puns. Never.

Orcabunga, dude!

Dolphins and porpoises surf, and so do sea lions, and while killer whales have long been known to drop into glassy-faced steamers every now and then, rarely is a photographer around to catch the action. But last week in New Zealand, the resident population of Kiwi orcas spent three days taking advantage of a choice swell at Sandy Bay, Northland, and the session was caught by several photographers, including newspaper photographer Michael Cunningham, who was body surfing when the first group of killer whales arrived.

Cunningham first saw a dark line in the water, which he mistook for another surfer, and then watched as three adult orcas and a calf dropped into a wave.

The mammals cruised Sandy Bay until they found the section with the best waves, he said.

“They knew what they were doing and pulled out before getting into trouble. They looked like they’d done it before.”

Although orcas aren’t known to have attacked humans, the Northern Advocate shooter exited the surf quickly.

“I didn’t have anything to sit on and with most of my body under the water, it felt a bit freaky,” he said.

Via Northern Advocate, HT to Grind.

Orca surfing New Zealand | Adventure JournalOrca surfing New Zealand | Adventure JournalOrca surfing New Zealand | Adventure Journal

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