Do the Bear Necessities Include Adult Diapers?

Dang, the British are cool. What did this BBC crew do when a massive grizzly bear wandered into their shoot? Kept stiff upper lips and, no doubt, equally tight sphincters.

These guys were lucky. A Canadian wildlife photographer had a much more terrifying bear experience recently, but was savvy enough to fire a sidearm and scare the bear away. To see just how pants-pooping a charging carnivore looks, check out this short video here.

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  • Casey

    Now that’s how you lay down some fine footage!

    The tone reminds me of those dry British wildlife documentaries from the 60′s and 70′s. You know, the ones with ultra close, ultra detailed footage narrated by the same man with a monotone voice detailing the dismemberment and mating habits of various Serengeti creatures?

    They must teach that at the British film school…

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