Bison Vs. Bear and the Bison Got Away

By now you’ve certainly seen the uber-dramatic picture of a grizzly bear chasing an injured bison along a snowy Yellowstone road. Well, the whole photo sequence has surfaced and it shows a breathtaking tableaux of nature at its most elemental: tooth and claw and running for your life.

Last April, Alex Wypyszinski had just dropped off his wife at work and was driving through the Fountain Flats area of Yellowstone to snap some photos and kill some time. Out of the blue, he heard a noise that sounded like “a horse and carriage.” In fact, it was a grizzly chasing a bison, which had been burned by one of the park’s many geothermal hotspots.

“I thought I was having a hallucination or something. I couldn’t believe what that buffalo looked like,” Wypyszinski told KTVQ.

As the bison and bear ran past, Wypyszinski shot a total of 14 frames, then hung around long enough to see the bison escape the bear. Sadly, the next day rangers put the bison down because of its extensive burns.

Photos by Alex Wypyszinski. See the whole sequence at KTVQ. Hat tip to Sinuhe.

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  • sam

    Well that settles the question of whether or not all four of a bears feet come off the ground when its sprinting after a rare bison burger.

  • brandon

    Okay he had a bad day and got severly burned in a rare encounter with a geothermal hotspot. What are the chances?? He licks his wounds shows off to his friends. Suddenly he realizes he smells like the burgers on the grills the humans use. Out of nowhere—GRIZZLY!!!! who had also smelled that sweet aroma. He runs for his life with a narrow chance of escape. Somehow he manages to out run this killer….Whew I am safe now!!! Hell no a ranger goes and shoots him????? Come on all that and POW gone!!!! He should get an award or something…poor guy can you imagine how bad that sucks. Are they serving him at any local restuants????

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