Ain’t Bluffing: Grizzly Bear Charges Filmmaker

Most of us would have soiled ourselves seeing a grizzly bear charging, but after two decades of wildlife filming, Leon Lorenz kept his wits about him on Monday when a mother bear made a beeline for him and his tripod. Shooting in the Robson Valley of British Columbia, Lorenz was filming the mother and a cub when suddenly the adult looked right at him and then charged.

“This is for real,” he thought. “This is … no bluff charge.”

Lorenz grabbed his handgun and fired a warning just as the bear sprang through the trees at him.

“I knew if I would have run, I wouldn’t be here,” he told CBC News.

“If I didn’t have my handgun, even if I would have fired a shot a quarter of a second later, the blast would have been too late. She would have been on me.

“I think even if I would have hit her, even a very fatal shot … she would have had enough life left in her to do me in.”

You think?

For the cuter side of bears, see these videos posted yesterday.

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